Links to sites of interest, customers, bands and companies I work with.


Fake58: My other job!

TheStratShack: Second hand Fender specialists. Fenders bought and sold.

Darren Hunt: Guitar Lessons in Swindon

Music Dojo: Sanya Ozic guitar lessons in Reading.

99Guitars Looking for a Les Paul? David is a top bloke and he regularly calls on my services to get his instruments in tip top condition.

Set It Up Better: A site dedicated to the theory of guitar intonation.

Coffin Nails: The gravest band on earth!

Heights :Top Instrumental Proggers from Reading

Tesseract : Heights Drummer Jay's other band.

Creative Control: Heights Guitarist Al's Studio

Greystone Records: Scott's Label

The Rhoom Rehearsal studios just outside Reading.

Zoot Woman: Top band from Reading.

Vintage Guitar Info: If you're interested in vintage guitars, this is well worth a look..

Les Paul Forum: Self explanatory.

My Les Paul: Another forum all about the Lester.

18 Watt Community: Amp site for Marshall 18w clone homebuilders.

AX84: The Cooperative Tube Guitar Amp Project. Another home build forum.

Project Guitar: Guitar building forum.

MIMF: The Musical Instrument Makers Forum.

Guild of American Luthiers: Yeah, I know I'm not American, but ....

Vintage Guitar Catalogues: Old scans and reprints

Build Your Own Lapsteel: go on, have a go.

London Metropolitan University: Where I studied, before it was renamed.

MCFC: The best team in the land and all the world and all the world and all the world and....

My Play Guitar: Rock Guitar Lessons In Berkshire