Some photos of various instruments I've made or customised over the years.


Klunky's Gretsch inspired Coffin guitar

Mahogany body and neck with an ebony board. Bigsby and TV Jones Filtertron. No controls!


Andy Banks's roundback acoustic.

German Spruce top, Cocobolo back and sides, Mahogany neck, Ebony board and bridge.

A roundback doesn't have to be plastic!


Rory Hamilton's Floral wallpaper Tele. Clearly inspired by the paisley and floral 60's Fenders.


Another one for Rory. Custom made hockey head 12 string neck.


1960 LP Jr replica.


Paul Springett's '62 Strat replica.


Adam Martin's '63 Strat replica


An early parlour guitar from 1990

Sitka spruce top, Wenge back and sides. Slot head mahogany neck. Ebony board and bridge.


My George Lynch style skull and bones super strat (it was the 80's).


The most common question I get asked is "How much?"

It all depends on the spec and materials.

A roundback acoustic is clearly going to take a lot more work than a solid electric and the parts for a nuts and bolt vintage replica electric can price out much higher than a contemporary electric of similar style.

e-mail me with as much detail as possible and I'll get back to you with an estimate.